We’d like to help you embrace automation and data science to make your SEM stand out!


means “dragon” in Persian

It also means Python, increasingly the programming language of choice for data scientists.

Built in close collaboration with key client partners, our mission is to automate tested methodologies that provide a demonstrable uplift in performance, and make sure advertisers get the shortest and most efficient path to insights and optimisation in SEM.

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  • SEM Strategy
    Stay ahead of your competitors

    We have a deep understanding of SEM online ad auctions, a relentless emphasis on experimentation, and an eye on the newest features made available by ad networks such as Google AdWords.

  • Automation
    Save hours spent updating & analysing ads

    Bringing together researchers, engineers and large SEM advertisers, we are pioneering ways to automate ads that update dynamically while optimising Quality Score.

  • Technical Support
    Are your engineers too busy for marketing? Do not worry!

    Engineering teams work on tight product roadmaps, making it difficult for them to write and implement code for Marketing/SEM. We try to be flexible in terms of how we can help you!

  • App Marketing
    Use Google AdWords and Facebook to hack growth

    We are growth hackers above all, and have in-house expertise in promoting mobile apps efficiently.


Some of the largest online advertisers in Sweden

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.

Mark Twain

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